Dunns Creek Road and Edwin Land Parkway

Edwin Land Parkway thru to Old Cooma Road extension
Council recently released the plans for the extension of the Edwin Land Parkway thru to Old Cooma Road. Council will be holding a public information session at the community centre on 29 October plus they will be at the shopping centre. We strongly encourage you to view the plans and make comments directly to Council. You also provide your feedback to the JRA.

Lanyon Drive duplication -
now under construction
Upgrade of Lanyon Drive Monaro Highway toTompsitt Drive, Queanbeyan Stage 2 – between Sheppard Street and Tompsitt Drive
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The Environmental Impact Statement for the second portion of Lanyon Drive is currently under construction.

Dear JRA Member, Last Friday (26 February 2010) I met with the Civil Engineer, and his Clerk of Works, who project manage the Lanyon Drive roadworks. The Project Manager advises motorists could expect to experience delays until February 2011 - the life of the project.  The degree of delay will vary, depending on activity and time of day.  The link to the RTA website for the project. To minimise disruption to commuter traffic leaving and returning to Jerrabomberra there will be no road works  on the existing stretch of Lanyon Drive between the Tompsitt/Lanyon Roundabout and the bridge before 9.30am, or after 4pm.  While motorists will notice barriers along the side of these road works before 9.30am and after 4pm daily, these are static barriers.  Motorists will not experience scheduled physical or mechanical activity nor traffic flow control operators restricting movements on the existing Lanyon Drive either side of 9.30am or 4pm. The Project will monitor peak period traffic flow and consider possible options to help traffic flow. No commitment to a solution yet, but at least they are looking at it. No timeframe either. I am advised ‘queue jumpers’ are contributing to the Tompsitt/Lanyon roundabout 'bottleneck'. Apparently, some motorists leaving Jerrabomberra 'queue jump' traffic on Tompsitt Drive waiting to turn left.  These alleged 'queue jumpers' indicate to turn right off Tompsitt on to Lanyon then go 'full circle' on the roundabout to beat the traffic turning left.  If true, this action is both inconsiderate to fellow motorists and dangerous, and results in vehicle queues inside the roundabout and cause further delays to traffic at the roundabout in both directions on Lanyon and Tompsitt Drives.  On Friday afternoon a section of Lanyon Drive from the bridge to the Tompsitt roundabout was widened (where NSW Police conduct random breath tests). This was necessary to allow the removal of the traffic island on the bridge side of the roundabout.  In about one week traffic coming off Tompsitt and the roundabout will be temporarily re-routed (up to 4-months) from the existing lanes to temporary lanes created by this work.  The realignment allows construction of road works necessary for new bridgework.   I am advised no road works are scheduled for the existing stretch of Lanyon Drive from the bridge to the Sheppard Street Hume that would disrupt traffic flow before the new section of Lanyon Drive opens. I remain in regular contact with the Project Manager and will pass on information as it becomes available.

It is the JRA’s position that the construction of Dunns Creek Road from the Monaro Hwy to Cooma Road be completed before the 7th year of the Googong Town development and that the Edwin Land Parkway (ELP) remain as a community road only, not a 4 lane Queanbeyan bypass.

There is a lot of evidence that the people of Queanbeyan are concerned about traffic congestion and the lack of adequate road planning infrastructure.

Some people tell us that the ELP has been on the map as a bypass since 1973. However, this is prior to the approval of Jerrabomberra and the subsequent approval of the Googong development. Googong wasn’t even on the ‘radar’ at this time - 1973. Even the then NSW Planning Minister, Frank Sartor at a February 2007 meeting stated that it might have been a good idea 30 years ago but it's not a good idea any more and it certainly is no longer a suitable bypass.

The traffic impact on Jerrabomberra and Karabar will be extreme unless an alternative (ie Dunns Creek Road) is determined. Ultimately any plan to transfer heavy vehicle traffic from Monaro Street, Queanbeyan or Cooma Road, Googong to the Edwin Land Parkway is not the solution to Queanbeyan’s traffic problems.

One of the key issues raised in relation to Dunns Creek Road (DCR) is cost. The construction of DCR is supported by both our Federal and State representatives. The JRA has had discussed funding of DCR at both the State and Federal level. Based on our discussions the JRA is confident that our elected State and Federal representatives will fight hard to get funds to ensure DCR is built.

The JRA believes that the Queanbeyan City Council should provide leadership and commitment to the construction of DCR. This will ensure that the cost burden does not fall on Council but rather the Federal and State Governments. The developers who will profit from these proposed developments should contribute to the construction of DCR on a per block basis.

• Strategic Traffic Study information night at the Jerrabomberra School Hall on 14 July 2009, from 7.30pm.

JRA Submission to Queanbeyan City Council on the ‘Draft Queanbeyan Strategic Traffic Plan 2031.