Data Centre and Gas Fired Power Station in Hume ACT

A consortium led by ActewAGL proposed to build a data centre and a 210MW gas fired power station opposite the Mugga Lane tip in the Tuggeranong district. Macarthur residents said the power plant would site nine 35 metre chimney stacks, within 600 metres from houses. A huge public campaign was launched and it was a key issue in the 2008 ACT Government election. A community action group Canberra Power Station Relocation undertook a strong campaign against the location and size of the power station and the poor community consultation process undertaken by the ACT Government. The JRA made a submission as part of this process.

As a result of significant community outcry the size of the power station was reduced to 45MW and 3 turbines and more recently the location of the site has been moved further towards Hume. The proponents are Canberra Technology City, further details are on their

The No Power Station Group has raised concerns about the station's emissions, additional information available at:
No Power Station Website