Queanbeyan City Council – Election 2008

Saturday, 13 September 2008

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Queanbeyan City Council will spend the next four years making decisions shaping the future of our community. The JRA believes the new greenfield developments in our city means there has never been a time in the town's history when Council decisions will be as critical in preserving and enhancing the things making Queanbeyan a great place to live.

In order to further assist voters in making their decision on Election Day, the JRA has provided each Council candidate with a questionnaire that seeks their position and a commitment on how each candidate will represent us on our 5 key issues.

1) The JRA supports the construction of Dunns Creek Road from the Monaro Hwy to Cooma Road to be completed before the 7th year of the Googong town development.

2) The JRA supports Edwin Land Parkway remaining as a community road only, not a 4 lane Queanbeyan bypass. Jerrabomberra must not become a by-pass for Queanbeyan.

3) The JRA supports the development of additional community & educational facilities including a proposed high school within the Jerrabomberra Valley.

4) The JRA supports the development of a major district sporting centre and community facilities; including an indoor aquatic centre, athletics facilities and additional sports grounds etc. to be developed in the Poplars area, Jerrabomberra Valley for the benefit of all in Queanbeyan.

5) The JRA support an 11pm–6am curfew of Canberra Airport and is opposed to a 24 hour airport freight hub.


CLICK on the Candidate name link to view the response.

NRR = No Response Received

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G

Group H

MAVEC Tom (Labor)
WHELAN Sue (Labor)
BROWN Brian (Labor)
TUTTY Lyndell (Labor)
WALTER Anne (Labor)
STAVREAS Steve (Independent) NRR
JARVIS Sue (Independent) NRR
BAKER Alan (Independent) NRR
GUILLEN Karen (Independent) NRR
DE VEAU Patrick (Independent) NRR
OVERALL Tim (Independent)
TAYLOR Trudy (Independent)
TRAJANOSKI Velice (Independent) NRR
BRAY Peter (Independent)
MOTUM Mal (Independent) NRR
RADFORD Trish (Independent) NRR
JENKINS Darryl (Independent) NRR
BARILARO John (Independent)
BRESNIK Frank (Independent)
SCHEEREN Rick (Independent)
VICKERY Brett (Independent)
ZAFIRIS John (Independent)
WRIGHT John (Independent)
GUNTER Dee (Independent) NRR
WRIGHT Lorraine (Independent)
AHADIZAD Sohiel (Independent) NRR
NICKELS Linda (Independent) NRR
ROCCA Ann (Independent)
BASTION Raewyn (Independent)
BLUNDELL Andrew (Independent)
MARLOW Claire (Independent)
McGLYNN John (Independent) NRR
WILLIS Katrina (The Greens)
CAHILL Patricia (The Greens)
NORMAN Sheila (The Greens)
PIPER Margaret (The Greens)
BARSONY Roger (The Greens)
WHITE Kerry (Independent)
REID Denis (Independent)
BOZ Robert (Independent) NRR
WHITE Janine (Independent) NRR
LUFF John (Independent) NRR
GOUGH Derek (Independent)